A legal advise service
for small and medium businesses


values quality, customer-oriented service and efficiency, and also closely cooperates with a wide range of specialists - notaries, bailiffs, bankruptcy managers, accountants, auditors, tax consultants.
NordConsul OÜ is a team that combines both academic knowledge and practical experience, consists of highly
qualified specialists with significant work experience, providing legal and corporate services in the field of
commercial, property, obligation and labor law, having many years of practical experience in out-of-court
proceedings and in the representation in court.
Jevgeni Šimonjuk
Master's degree in law (MA), Tallinn University
He worked in the field of law for more than 20 years, gaining experience as a lawyer and legal adviser in various local governments and providing legal aid services for more than 15 years. He has many years of practical experience in the field of property, business, labor, family and debt law, as well as representation in the courts.
Anna Reren
Bachelor's and master's degree (MA) in local government organization and in social pedagogy and child protection at the University of Tartu and Tallinn University
She has gained experience working in public
authorities and local government institutions. She has extensive experience in court representation in various
family and public law disputes.
Irina Aljošina
Degree in economics (MBA),Tallinn University of Technology
She has worked in the field of accounting for over 40 years, including working various positions in the Estonian Tax and Customs Board, also has a long-time experience as a lecturer in accounting and providing accounting services for over 20 years. She has significant experience in accounting and commercial law, labor and tax law.
is to provide legal assistance based on the interests of partners and clients on the principle of efficiency, an important part of which is a payment determination model that ensures transparency and predictability of costs associated with legal assistance services. Unlike the principle of hourly payment for services widespread in the market, we always offer our clients and partners legal assistance and corporate services on the basis of an agreement on remuneration for the performance of specific services.

NordConsul OÜ
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Business name: NordConsul OÜ
Registry code: 11398098
[email protected]
+372 56619151
+372 5299450
The Republic of Estonia,
Harju county, Tallinn,
Narva mnt 38-40e, 10120
Beneficiary´s name: NordConsul OÜ
IBAN: EE397700771001957407
Bank: AS LHV Pank
Commercial law
In the field of merger, acquisition, division, transformation and
restructuring of commercial structures, we advise on the creation
of commercial organizations, the preparation of the necessary
documents, the approval of transactions, as well as on the
successful completion of transactions

  • establishing of the commercial entities and non-profit
  • organizations
  • transformation, liquidation, purchase of the commercial
  • entities and non-profit organizations
  • relations between shareholders, member of the management
  • board, supervisory board
  • administration of company documentation (incl. protocols,
  • decisions, lists, articles of association, internal documentation
  • (rules, regulations, procedures, etc.)
  • bankruptcy law
  • taxation law
  • contract law
  • trademark and other intellectual property issues, licensing agreements
Property law
We have a high level of competence and practical experience in
preparing, negotiating and advising on real estate transactions, as
well as in resolving disputes with real estate and resolving legal
issues of construction and planning that arise during the execution
of transactions

  • purchase and transfer of real estate
  • termination of joint ownership
  • issues between property owners
  • mortgages and pledges
  • easements and real encumbrances
  • resolving disputes related to property law
Employment and migration law
Thanks to many years of experience, we have valuable knowledge
in resolving labour and immigration disputes. We provide our
clients with multifaceted support in obtaining visas, residence and

  • work permits
  • employment law
  • internal procedure rules of the commercial entities and non-
  • profit organizations and other internal regulations
  • immigration law and residence permits
  • conflict management, labour dispute resolution
Enforcement Procedure
We have extensive experience and competence in advising clients
in bankruptcy processes and enforcement proceedings. Consulting
includes both out-of-court proceedings with the debtor, processor
and creditor, and protecting the interests of the client in the lawsuit

  • Initiation of enforcement proceedings with a bailiff
  • contesting the activities of a bailiff
  • representation in enforcement proceedings
  • Representation in negotiations
  • coordination of the payment schedule
Contract and Obligation law
In our opinion, every contract should be a legal masterpiece, and
the legal resource used to draw up a contract should be
commensurate with its value and potential risks

  • preparation of contracts and other documentation
  • resolving issues related to damages
  • resolving issues related to tenancy
  • resolving issues related to authorisation agreements
  • and contracts for services
  • resolving issues related to debt certificates and bonds

Insurance law
We have more than 13 years of experience in successfully resolving
insurance disputes and know every detail of insurance

  • resolving disputes related to insurance
Family and inheritance law
Our specialists have been working in the field of family law for
many years, and this long experience is at the disposal of our
clients, thanks to this we helped many families communicate with
each other and with state authorities and solve issues arising from

  • termination of marriage (incl. International), marriage annulment
  • the monthly support payment claims (incl. challenging the
  • amount of support, withdrawal or reduction of the amount of support)
  • preparation of marital property contracts, drafting of wills
  • joint and marital property division
  • inheritance and claims related to division of inheritance property
  • rights and obligations of parents and children, guardianship and maintenance obligations
  • contesting and accepting paternity, claims related to establishing of descent
Taxation law
Our specialists have been working in the field of taxation for many
years and therefore have extensive knowledge and experience in
tax law

  • tax advisory services
  • Resolving VAT issues
  • Resolving income tax issues
  • EORI
Dispute settlement and court proceedings
We combine extensive knowledge and experience, which allows
our team to develop targeted strategies for resolving disputes. We
strive to find the best solution, preventing long and expensive court

  • Representation in negotiations
  • Representation in civil court proceedings, incl. preparation and
  • submitting of claim and other procedural documents
  • Representation in administrative and administrative court
  • proceedings
  • Preparation of procedural documents
  • Representation in intra-authority appeal proceedings
  • Representation in misdemeanour proceedings
  • Representation in bankruptcy proceedings
Accounting services
We offer our clients a complete accounting solution from preparing
annual reports to regular accounting services

  • financial accounting and reporting
  • preparation of annual reports
  • preparation of the company's internal documents
  • preparation and kontroll of tax declaretions
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